Getting to Know Us (2019)

We are so grateful for you taking the time to consider us for adoption.  We can only imagine the decision you are making is an impossible one. We have a tremendous respect for your willingness to do the impossible as you consider what will be best for you and your baby.  You and your baby have been and continue to be in our prayers; we pray that you will find the guidance, peace, and strength necessary as you consider what is best for your life and the life of your baby.

Double wedding with Becky’s sister

We were married in Newport Beach, CA, in December 2011. We are more in love than we ever could have imagined when we started our life together.  We look forward to that love growing more and more each day. We are especially looking forward to extending that love to a child, and to you. Both of us have always wanted to be parents and are excited to experience parenthood together!  We have always felt that adoption would be one way we wanted to grow our family.

We both grew up in Southern California, and our parents and many of our siblings still live there.  We visit a couple times a year, and both families often come up to visit us here in Utah. We both come from big families; Becky has 11 siblings and Tom has four, so we’re excited for our future kids to have so many aunts/uncles and cousins to love them.

5kWe “met” when Becky was 19, and Tom was 29, though our families have always been close, and we grew up in the same community. It’s a running joke that Tom didn’t get married sooner because he had to wait for Becky to get old enough to marry. In all honesty though, our courtship made sense from the very beginning, and there was heavy family involvement on both sides. Becky’s sister would help her carefully craft text messages, and Tom’s brothers were the first to know when he had kissed her for the first time.


Becky graduated from BYU with a degree in Math Education in 2015 and is currently a math teacher at a local high school.  Becky doesn’t get a lot of time away from the teens either, because she works with the youth of our local congregation each Sunday and Wednesday nights.

Becky loves to learn. She adores reading, and most often as a child, you’d find her inside, curled up with a book. However, she comes from an athletic family, so she enjoys being out on the basketball, volleyball, or tennis courts. She’s super crafty, and you’d be hard-pressed not to find little touches of her projects throughout our home.

Chasing waves with a niece

Becky comes from a huge family, especially for Southern California, and has seven sisters and four brothers. She’s been an aunt since she was seven years old! Because of this, changing diapers, babysitting, peek-a-boo, and everything baby-related is basically second nature to her. Now, she has 52 nieces and nephews just on her side of the family.


While Becky loves the hard sciences, Tom thinks in a different way. He studied Psychology at BYU, and is currently working on his Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology. He works at a neurofeedback lab when he’s not studying, and is the best person to have a conversation with about how the mind works.  Tom will likely go into HR or the consulting field when he graduates in January 2020. Soon afterward, we hope to fulfill a lifelong dream of Becky being a stay at home mom.

Being a fun uncle

Tom comes from a family of five kids. He has two sisters and two brothers, one of which is his identical twin, Ben. He has a unique and close relationship with every one of his siblings, and adores his 13 nieces and nephews. The kids always know it’s going to be a good time when Uncle Tom comes around.

Tom graduated from BYU, and he has not left his alma mater behind. He is quite possibly the biggest BYU sports fan there has ever been, which, if you follow BYU sports, has not always been easy for him. BYU is his favorite, but Tom loves all sports, and you know that he will always know the scores to the biggest games, and the stats on the best players. Becky couldn’t have told you five major league teams in any sports before she met Tom, and now she might be able to rival him on trivia night.

Tom is fascinated with individuals who share their experiences of personal sacrifice serving in the military through books, movies, and podcasts.  It has become a hobby that no one foresaw. Through this hobby, Tom has gained a greater appreciation for his own life by learning of others’ triumph over trials.  Learning how people overcome what appears to be impossible with sheer power of will never fails to move him. So psychology is more than a job for Tom–he’s genuinely interested in it.


Dressed up as clue characters

Our faith plays a big role in our lives.  We are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often called “Mormons”). You can find us at our nearby chapel each Sunday.  Both of us have been asked to serve in the youth program of our church, so each Wednesday we get to feel like teenagers again at youth activity nights (or at least try to keep up with them).  We are grateful for the hope that our faith gives us in the future, and for the motivation to get up each day and try to be better and more Christlike than the day before.

We are both homebodies by nature—what’s better than staying in and cuddling in the comfort of your own home? Most Friday nights are spent holed up, watching Marvel movie marathons, binging shows on Netflix, or catching a BYU football/basketball game.


That being said, we also love getting out and exploring. We enjoy hiking in the mountains right in our backyard, swimming at the beach whenever we visit our parents “back home”, learning to appreciate the snowy winters here in Utah, or playing a pick-up game of basketball or volleyball with our families.

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We are so happy together and ready to add a little one to our family!

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